Three Decades of Angel Endeavours

Photo: TVWaska, 2009

It all started at a Club Waska board meeting, one October evening of 1983.

“We must find a way to raise funds in order for us to be able to continue helping our members! We can’t let them down. We need to be creative.”

Being a small-scale association, Club Waska could not – at the time – qualify for most government grants and charity funding. One board member suggested considering an alternate way of earning humanitarian revenues widely spread over Europe: social economy.

The organization began offering experiential workshops such as “Mastering French” and “Mastering Bilingualism” on October 15, 1983, to the population in general as a means of contribution to its endeavours.

Quickly, neighbouring traditional non-profits began shunning Club Waska, too “commercial” to their taste. They would not associate with “the traitor” that operates like a heartless, profit-making corporation. At the time, explaining social economy was not easy.

Computer learning workshops began in 1988 and community technical services in 1989. That year, Club Waska was able to afford all its operation expenses, including an office in a classy corporate building. In 1991, the organization moved to the comfortable Galeries Duplessis, among engineers, dentists and professional associations.

Mastering its own financial autonomy is now part of the mission of Waska, autonomie et services techniques communautaires. It enables the organization to ensure the longevity of the services it offers its members. It can be solid, sustainable enough to keep helping the community build its prosperity.

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